ACONI - Asociación Internacional de Consultores
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Network Consulting Group

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Collaborate whith the economic and social development of countries from a perspective of solidarity and cooperation.

Contribute to the improvement of management, innovation and internationalization, promoting growth and economic development.

Cooperate with the social organizations of different countries in order to achieve the consolidation of democracy, sustainable growth, improved living standards and social peace.

Benefits of membership

  • Sharing Information and Know-How
  • Making alliances among the associates for the realization of works easy
  • Submit and execution of national and international projects
  • Possibility of utilization of the associates's headquarters
  • Logistic support in the dealings among the associates
  • Commercial and image support in front of clients and outsiders
  • Reinforcement and support in the presentation of individual projects
  • Internal permanent training plans
  • Interchange of professionals and projects
  • Forum of opinion
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