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Aware that the most valuable asset that can support the operation and balanced development of any institution are its human resources, and that any project or plan, however excellent, has a high probability of failure if its implementation does not is entrusted to persons who, not only intuition and good will, but also sufficient qualification.

The training offered by our partners to adapt human resources to companies providing consulting services to the changing needs arising from the different strategies are implemented.

This involves the practical application of theoretical principle which postulates that the organization and the people that support must be in sync with the strategy outlined in their plans. This guidance applies to the drafting of specific courses tailored to the specific needs of individual organizations, including prior diagnosis of the weaknesses in the skills and knowledge of staff.

The specialized courses within the general area of Business Economics and related disciplines, like:

- Business organization
- Human Resources Management
- Marketing
- Financial Processes
- General Ledger
- Quality
- Technology
- And others

Training programs are developed at three levels:

Level 1

For participants, who lack knowledge on the subject, and need general training. 
The programs are formulated into terms of generality on the specific matter which characterizes the course, like:

Level 2

It is intended for managers in different organizational areas of the company, applying a standard methodology, paying particular attention to techniques for optimizing business processes. They are aimed at training and / or recycling of the management of organizations and, therefore, programs
formulated in concrete and specific terms.

Level 3

Specialization courses to deepen specific aspects within each of the general business areas. The main objective of the training at this level is the retraining of participants, by transmitting the most advanced techniques in each case.

Our associates apply the most advanced teaching techniques. This has a modern infrastructure of support, based on the most recent contributions in multimedia and audiovisual technology, along with programs to run own practice, simulations and business games. Each course is scheduled according to the nature and depth of knowledge to pass on, applying the right technology.

Specifically, the following techniques for the transmission of knowledge:

  • The lecture, to communicate basic knowledge,
  • The practical classes, which resolves a selected collection
    of problems in matters that require this treatment. Students have plenty of software to implement the most advanced techniques for data processing, programming, and simulation.
  • Analysis and resolution of cases, you have a large collection of cases to work on them and apply the theoretical and reinforce the lessons learned from master to which, therefore, serve as a complement.
  • The videos, one of the most advanced pedagogical practices known, applied with the appropriate methodology is emerging as an extremely effective medium for transmitting knowledge and set.
  • The seminars, led by a specialized instructor, with the active participation and the student work are revealed as a very effective method for recycling in areas of specialty.
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