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Responsible for developing and coordinating the work abroad, and relations with the European Union and foreign companies. The activities developed are:
  • Technical assistance to public and private agencies in the design and management of their participation in Transnational Action Programmes.
  • Introduction of foreign companies in a Country: Support, advice and search for partnersin the implementation of foreign companies.  
  • Intermediating in the creation, expansion, merger, absorption and cooperative agreements between companies.
  • Internationalization of Companies. Support, advice and search for partners in the establishment of businesses in the countries of action mediating the creation, expansion, merger, absorption and cooperative agreements between companies.
  • Management of European Union subsidies: Develop and manage financial aidfrom the Community for public bodies and companies in transnational action.
  • Institutional Information: It keeps your customers informed about policy and institutional changes that are occurring in the countries of interest in connection with the activity of the same, for it provides the shortest in the relevant legal and economic reports , so that the strategy may be reinforced as public or privatecases.
  • International trading: export-import
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