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Requirements to be an associate

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Requirements and way of associating

It will be able to be members of the association, the consulting companies and of advanced services of any country, legally constituted, according to the in force legislation in every country, and that voluntarily join it.

With general character, more than one company will not be able to belong for geographical unit, it is a city, province, region, region or nation, according to the territorial organization of every country and recognized by the association. More of one will be able to belong for geographical unit if it is approved by the Executive Commission and with the assent written and signed of it or the companies of this geographical unit already belging to the associatio

Every company will be represented by a person by managerial cargo and participation in the capital of the company, or the one that is designated of express form by every company. To join the association, it will be necessary to deal the correspondent Request In writing postal route or e-mail directed to the President of the association. The request will have to be supported for two associate members of straight plenary session.

There corresponds to it the decision of its entry to the Executive Committee. Once accepted, the company solicitor will have to contribute a certification of the Meeting of Shareholders or of the Council of Administration, certifying the decision to belong to the association and designating the representative, who must be a shareholder of the company solicitor. Likewise a memory will be contributed or dossier corporatly of the company.

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