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Legal Aspects

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The Organs of Government of the association are:

The General Assembly
The Executive committee
The Board of Directors

The General Assembly is the supreme organ of government and decision in the association. It will be constituted by the totality of the members who compose the association, which they will be represented by the persons designated freely by them.
Every partner will have right to an alone vote, always and when it is to the corriente of payment of its member quotas

Comité 2003

The Executive Committee will have the function to direct the Association and to administer its goods, to expire and make fulfill the agreements of the General Assembly and to programme and carry out the activities tending to the attainment of the ends(purposes) of the Association, directly or by means of delegation in commissions of work that it establishes. It will be constituted by a minimum of 4 and one maximum of 15 members, and composed by a President, at least a Vice-president, a General Secretary and a Secretary of Finance, being the rest members(vowels) of the Executive Committee.

The Board of Directors will have functions of consulting organ. It will be constituted by a representative of every country, chosen by the partners of each one of the countries, more members of the Executive Committee.


President: Mr. Pedro Hernández Pardo.
Vicepresidente: Mr. Raimundo Martínez Jiménez
General Secretary: Mr. Víctor Arnáiz López
Secretary of Finance: Mr. Pedro Pablo Hernández Hernández

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