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The Association's Origin

The day 29th June, 2000 was constituted the INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF CONSULTING COMPANIES AND ADVANCED SERVICES for a series of spanish and from other counties, small-size enterprises consulting, with the thought of agglutinating to consulting small and medium sized enterprises's ample number in an international net's frame.

The association is an international organization, non-profit space, of indefinite duration and character prevailed, whose residence finds itself in Madrid ( Spain ).

The Association's Aims

General Aims
  • Fomenting the development of the countries from a solidary and cooperation perspective.
  • Contributing to the improvement of entrepreneurial steps, innovation and internationalization, promoting growth and economic development.
  • Cooperating with the different social organizations in order to get a stable growth and an adequate level of quality of life within the surroundings of social necessary peace .
Specific Aims

•  Looking for synergies and helping to form collaborations among the of one's own associates in all the facets of his activities.

•  Defining, establishing and controlling methods that they increase the power of the diffusion of knowledge of his associate's activities.

•  Watching and holding oneself responsible for the defence of his associate's common interests.

•  Backing up clients of the associates for the development of software of invention to the SMEs and improvement

•  Support to the development of foreign missions for the companies associated

•  Favoring the interchange among his associates, and in mutual benefit, measure you, knowledge and know how

•  Promoting knowledge and improving the use of new Information Technologies among the of one's own associates and his clients, principally of the little and middling company.

•  Promoting and taking part in projects of cooperation with developing countries.

•  Organizing events of reflection and formation,

•  Collaborating in the design and development of new products.

•  Giving the Associates at the territory that has the lead coverage and commercial support.

•  Favoring the constitution in International net for International programs. .

•  Interchanging among the associates information and analysis strategic.

•  Enriching service to his clients with a territorial enlarged projection.

•  Making easy to the Associate's rest logistic s u pport, support and consent at his territory of lead ership.

•  Collective participation in Projects of different specialties.

•  Studying, backing up and developing concrete projects shown for his associate members.

•  Being used as organ of union and coordination among his members, fomenting the spirit of solidarity among the same ones.

•  Catering to the needs of information, formation, advising, investigation and his member's perfecting and of company's creative people, going into and divulging as many as you be afraid related with the improvement of entrepreneurial steps may interest.


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